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2018 Annual Report Final

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$40,000 Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge Research Grant Eric Anson, PT, MPT, PhD "Investigating Fear and Perception at Virtual Heights in Individuals with Fall Risk" $40,000 Geriatric Research Grant Annalisa Na, PT, PhD "Functional Recovery in Patients with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus following a Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty" $50,000 Health Service Research Pipeline Grant Beth McManus, PT, ScD, MPH "High Value Early Intervention (EI): Understanding the Role of Regional Variability in State and Local EI Policy on EI Resource Use and Outcomes" $40,000 Acute Care Research Grant Michael Tevald, PT, MPT, PhD "Early Impact of Lung Transplantation on Skeletal Muscle" $100,000 Magistro Family Foundation Research Grant Bahar Shahidi, PT, DPT, PhD "Functional Outcomes and Cost Effectiveness of High Intensity Resistance Exercise in Individuals with Low Back Pain" $240,000 Paris Patla Musculoskeletal Grant Marcie Harris-Hayes, PT, DPT "Comparison of Movement Pattern Training and Manual Therapy for Pre-arthritic Hip Disorders (PAHD)" $40,000 Pediatric Research Grant Barbara Sargent, PT, PhD, MS "Quantiing Selective Motor Control in Infants at High Risk for Cerebral Palsy" $40,000 Orthopaedic Research Grant Jason Beneciuk, PT, DPT, PhD, MPH "Discriminant and Predictive Validity Assessment of the Keele STartT MSK Tool for Patients with Musculoskeletal Pain in Outpatient Physical Therapy Settings" Foundation Research Grants WE PROVIDE THE RESOURCES TO FUND AND SUSTAIN LONGTERM RESEARCH GROWTH FUNDING PHYSICAL THERAPY RESEARCH

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