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2018 Annual Report Final

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THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS MAGISTRO FOUNDERS SOCIETY Named aer the Foundation's first president and chairman, Charles M. Magistro, to highlight the impact that vision and steadfast support can have on paving the way for future generations of investigators. Each year, the Foundation recognizes couples or individuals whose combined personal, or cumulative giving has reached $5,000 or more as members of the Magistro Founders Society. The John W. and Rosemary K. Brown Family Foundation John and Amy Childs Barbara H. Connolly Rebecca L. Craik W. James Downs, Jr. Neva F. Greenwald Magistro Family Foundation Marilyn Moffat Charlene Mae Nelson † Stanley Paris and Catherine E. Patla Janet M. Peterson William S. Quillen Paul and Judith Rockar St. John Family Foundation Steven H. Tepper and Linda Paferi Patricia A. Traynor Beth Whitehead LEGACY SOCIETY The Legacy Society is a special group of supporters who have made estate plans that include the Foundation. Anonymous (12) John and Rhonda Barr Nancy and Fred Byl Susan C. Clinton Kent Culley Pamela A. Duffy Jill A. Floberg Marilyn Gerhard Roger A. Herr Bette C. Horstman A. Joy Huss † Irene R. McEwen James and Ardis McKillip Susan L. Michlovitz Ruth U. Mitchell † Marilyn Moffat Jacqueline Montgomery Charlene Mae Nelson † Janet M. Peterson Dorothy Pinkston Paul and Judith Rockar Randy Roesch Loretta Knutson and Gary Soderberg Katherine A. Stemm Brad A. Thuringer Pat A. Traynor Michael Weinper Francis J. Welk Lois and Steve Wolf IN MEMORY OF DONATIONS Billy D. Elam Mark A. Anderson Richard Erhard Joseph and Edith Farrell Herbert Goetschius Sue Sisto Norbert Kerfeld Cheryl I. Kerfeld Maggie Knott Susan S. Adler Stephen M. Levine Pamela A. Duffy Richard V. McDougall Robert and Mary English Joseph Musolino Gina Maria R. Musolino Mary L. Norby Private Practice Section - APTA Mary Rinaldo Debra A. Scheider Elsie Schmitt Peter A. Schmitt Ambrose Schmitz Grace M. Knott Jayne Snyder Cheryl D. Resnik Mildred L. Wood Judith Stitley Lynda D. Woodruff Susan K. Effgen Cecile Spence Mildred Yarbrough Glory Y. Sanders and Janet M. Brumfield Deceased friends listed first in bold dark blue print followed by the names of those making gis in their memory. Marilyn Moffat Cynthia C. Zadai Gabriel E. Yankowitz Willes W. Sonnefield April Murphy Susan Nash Margaret O'Brien Caroline Nehls Lawrence G. Pan Sheila M. Schindler-Ivens Nancy Powell Alaska Physical Therapy Association Jeanna M. Rocco Rita Annes Sheila M. Schindler-Ivens Teresa A. Timerman Macy Schwartz Diane Braun Sue Hurst and Alex Siegel Linda R. Van Dillen Mary C. Sinnott Devin Sinnott Sarah Long Steiner Brian F. Long IN HONOR OF DONATIONS Honorees are listed in bold dark blue print followed by donors who made gis in their honor. Rebecca G. Stephenson Nancy J. Roberge Meyer Glenn Williams Patricia Rubertone Steve Wolf Montez Howard Gregory Ziemer Heather L. Bowen † Deceased

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